APC Galaxy 300 / 300i Dust Filter F-FEEDS

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APC Galaxy 300 / 300i Dust Filter F-FEEDS (G3HTOPT005)

APC Galaxy 300 / 300i Dust Filter F-FEEDS

  • Power 0VA
  • Product Accessories


5x8 Start-up service included
Required for full coverage of factory warranty

Front-access servicing
Simplifies installation and UPS maintenance while minimizing space requirements.


Cost of acquisition
Designed to provide an optimized price/performance ratio, a number of exceptional features have been carefully selected to optimize both performance and cost benefits.


Dual feed input
Allows installation of two independent power sources with the option of hot stand-by configuration to provide redundancy for mission critical applications.

Parallel-redundant capable
Power the connected equipment with multiple uninterruptible power supplies to increase system redundancy

Double conversion on-line topology
Guarantees a consistently high level of power quality. Any disturbances on the distribution waveform are regenerated via the zero transfer time AC to DC then DC to AC conversion process. The battery is only used as a back-up source.

Wide input voltage range
Designed for harsh electrical environments to save battery life.


Certifies that electronic devices don't contain hazardous metals and flame retardants

EU CoC for UPS
Ensures that UPSs sold in the EU are highly efficient


Easy to install
Innovative design allows for fast, easy installation by almost anybody.


Integrated network management
Provides complete remote monitoring and control of the UPS. Enables you to monitor remote UPS's from a web browser or industry standard Network Management System.

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